Truth, honesty and a never-ending introspection are ideas that continually push me to create. An overwhelming feeling or thought, usually evoked by a life event, is the origin of each piece. I then explore what it could mean to have these questions through subject matter such as portraiture and the figure by building a visual dialogue with shapes and the environments surrounding. By opening myself to question, I hope to navigate reason and find solutions and answers to my own uncertainties. I primarily work in oil paint, charcoal, or graphite. For my subject matter, I feel these mediums give the best illusion of space, depth, and reality. I am drawn to the way these mediums allow the surface to be built up gradually and in turn give complete control over mark making, while still leaving room for chance. This grants the option to form either soft transitions or precise edges using color and tone. I hope to continue searching for personal truth through feelings and introspection as long as it is in question.

© 2018 by Paige Tibbe

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