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I am driven to create as a way to understand feelings or thoughts that stem from life events and every day occurrences. I explore these feelings until a point of resolution within myself is found and I can visually depict my truth. Through collaging the figure with colors and imagery, I explore my own questions and experiences using portraiture and figuration as a vehicle. I primarily work in oil paint, charcoal or graphite. I am drawn to the way these mediums allow the surface to be built up gradually and allow control, while still leaving room for use of abstract mark making. I use photo references of friends and community members to build a visual dialogue with shapes and environments surrounding them. Using people that I have a connection to allows me to explore the complexity of the individual and highlight the everyday person’s experience while still finding my own answers within the work.

Selected Exhibitions

2018              I See You. Tomayko Gallery. Point Park University. Pittsburgh, PA.

2018              Physique. Panza Gallery. Millvale, PA *Juror’s Choice Award

2018              Students of Artists Who Teach. Westmorland Museum of Art. Greensburg, PA.

2018              Associated Artists of Pittsburgh: 106th Annual Exhibition. South Side Works. Pittsburgh, PA.

2019              About Face: Dual Show with Jason Schutzman. Curated by Carolyn Peirotti. Percolate Gallery. Pittsburgh, PA.

2019              Art of the State. The State Museum of Pennsylvania. Harrisburg, PA. *Honorable Mention

2020              Associated Artists of Pittsburgh: 2020 Featured Artists Exhibition. Pittsburgh, PA.

2020              Paige Tibbe: Body Talk. Martha Gault Gallery. Slippery Rock University.

2021              Represent: New Portraiture. National Juried Exhibition curated by Hannah Turpin. Barrett Art Gallery.

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